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Pizza SKINNY Scarf
Pizza SKINNY Scarf

Pizza SKINNY Scarf

Lalela Scarf

R 400.00 R 299.00

Atnischa, Christolene, Shakeela and Nicole are all in grade 11 at Hout Bay High School. All 4 girls have been with Lalela for over 2 years and have formed a close friendship within the Lalela space. Atnischa is a confident and energetic young woman who enjoys painting and soccer. Christolene shows a maturity beyond her years and would love to pursue a career working with children. Shakeelah  loves baking and would love to own her own bakery someday. When Nicole started at Lalela she was very shy and introverted but has since become more confident and outspoken. 
Silk/Crepe. 53 in. X 3.5 in.
Style #41019