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No Youth, No Future Pocket Square
No Youth, No Future Pocket Square

No Youth, No Future Pocket Square

Lalela Scarf

R 395.00 R 200.00

This artwork was inspired by South African artist Jody Paulsen. Lalela learners worked collaboratively to design this piece.  Roxzelle excels in visual art, sports and academics, her passions are painting, soccer and netball. Ansha is studying to become a teacher as she is passionate about developing young minds. Lyndon has gone on to do a specialized animation course. He hopes to study graphic design and work as an artistic director in advertising. Jason has formed his own dance troupe. Anthony is an extremely talented artist and photographer. He hopes to study fine art when he graduates. Glenda would like to become a model. Shanell is a talented artist and dancer. Despite many challenges at home, Nicole hopes to study business administration after graduating.   


• 100% Silk
• 14 in. x 14 in.
• Style #41011